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Have an idea for a future comic for the store? Suggest below! Your idea may be chosen ~

Characters available are: Kaito&Shuno, Colt&Jude, Cream&’Cowboy’, Julian&Art, Uke, Pride, ShuShu

  • Louise

    An idea:

    Newly moved shy transgender girl turnt boy, but still in touch with a feminine side, falls in love with a seemingly normal (turns out not so much) man, a couple of years older.

    • What does “transgender girl turnt boy” even mean? Do you mean a trans woman who went back to being a cis man?? (Disclaimer: I am a trans person myself, I’m not ignorant, your comment is just badly worded and sounds… potentially problematic)

      • Fio

        i think they meant ftm…? since they said “still in touch with their feminine side” i guess
        it doesn’t sound like they’ve quite grasped the whole trans deal, they could’ve def used a better description
        ((and I’m not sure how their idea is relevant to the subject matter…? like, sorry my dude, I doubt angel is gonna take you up on that idea of yours))

  • OnyxLight

    Where is the comic now?

  • angelyeah

    Im sorry for deleting your comments below, but i really want this thread to stay in topic with the subject matter above. If you have an idea for a comic chapter that involves the characters above, please comment and share your idea. Otherwise please respect the community

  • Wait For The Blackout

    It’s been a while since Kaito’s been on top ^W^ and Shuno did say “Tell me what you like… And I’ll give it to you”. I bet Kaito’s pride would be more than happy to take the lead too. Shuno could press Kaito on his desires on a night when he’s feeling particularly confident

  • Carolina Spielman

    I was wondering what happened to the original kiato shuno comic(the one that has 80+ chapters)? I have been looking for the original for quite some time and I can’t seem to find it anymore. I have been reading that comic for a long time and I wish to keep on reading it. Thanks angelyeah I love your work so much!! <3

  • Flrk


  • Michnelly Perez

    I got a question. If we buy the digital comics is it gonna be sent like a comic book through mail? I’m kinda confused lol

    • angelyeah

      Nah these are strictly digital 🙂 they will be directly emailed to you.

      • Shaima Mohammad

        when will the comics be emailed..?

  • Sara Marie

    I would love to see an uke kind of take over in kaito just let his emotions go and have a sweet passionate night with shuno no pushing away or sparky comments
    Also just wanna add I’m glad to see you pushing on in this comic! I’ve been a follower for a long time and I am so glad that you keep going even when things get hard!!! Keep it up Angel you can do this!!!

  • Araceli Ocampo

    I’m sorry but…Where can I read kaito shuno again? I don’t have to buy it do I? I want to read it again but I can’t find…

  • EllieTheZombie

    I wish everything you ever wrote/made was in one big thick book, I’d buy 100 copies 😂👌 also are there ever going to be any phisical items in the store one day ? :3

    • angelyeah

      Yep! Planning on books soon. Maybe flash animations.

      • EllieTheZombie

        Sweet! 💕 I look forward to it ^-^ 💕

  • The ace

    Wait who are cream and cowboy??

  • Yeah, I would definitely like to see Kaito top again and have Shuno finish that way (lol), I hope their story never ends!!! Also, I would really like to buy hardcopies of KaitoShuno to keep!!

  • Will you be making or uploading the entire KaitoShuno story to the shop?

  • thisgirlthicc

    I was wondering if u had any social media? (like Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

    I would love it if u made a short chapter of Kaito and Shuno or Colt and Jude on a date? I really want to know how they act in public.